Casino Perks


While it may seem that casinos are all about gambling, there are also many other things that they do for the customer. Traditionally, casinos have focused on customer service and have provided perks to encourage players to spend more money. These perks are often called “comps,” which stands for complimentary items. During the 1970s, Las Vegas casinos were famous for offering discounted travel packages, free buffets, and even free show tickets. These promotions were a way to increase the number of visitors to Las Vegas, which ultimately boosted gambling revenue.

A casino is a gambling establishment, often built near a popular tourist attraction. The word casino comes from the Italian word “casino”, which means “little house.” Some casinos have other amenities, like shopping malls, hotels, and stage shows, but gambling is the primary activity. Historically, a casino has been known as a summer house, villa, or pleasure house. However, in today’s modern-day world, casinos have evolved to become more than just places to play games.

One of the most popular casino games is roulette, which is a popular game in many countries. In France, roulette is the main game of gambling, and casinos reduce their advantage to less than one percent. In the United States, roulette is popular among small-time bettors, while craps is the main attraction for big bettors. Casinos have devised a system similar to that of airline frequent-flier programs. Casinos use computers to track customer behavior and reward players with points that can be exchanged for free or discounted slot play, meals, drinks, and even shows. Comps are a valuable marketing tool for casinos, as they help build patron databases which can be used for advertising and trends analysis.