How to Create a Casino Atmosphere


Despite its high profile, the Casino doesn’t have clocks. The vast majority of casino rooms are designed to make guests feel happy and stimulated, and so the use of clocks in a Casino is a complete waste of space. Instead, casinos utilize gaudy wall and floor coverings to create an upbeat and stimulating atmosphere. The popular color scheme in a Casino is red, which has the added bonus of making guests lose track of time.

To attract high rollers, casinos focus on appealing to customers’ emotions. The idea of “I could win too” can inspire players to keep playing. A recent study shows that high rollers spend less than 10% of their money on gambling. Casinos that focus on the emotional needs of their customers are more likely to attract repeat visitors. This is possible only if they’re able to attract and retain these customers. This requires casino marketers to create marketing strategies that appeal to their emotions.

Security in a Casino starts on the floor. Employees from both the security and casino management departments keep a close eye on both the casino patrons and games. Dealers are trained to spot cheating by their own game and monitor their own game. Other employees, known as pit bosses, monitor table games and keep track of betting patterns. All of these employees are monitored by someone higher up than them, which makes them less vulnerable to fraud and theft.